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2023 Fall Conference

Friday Oct 20 & Saturday 21,2023 


 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Annie Murphy Paul

annie murphy paul.png

This years keynote speaker is a author Annie Murphy Paul.  She will be speaking about the issues which she write about in her book "The Extended Mind".  We will have a book signing at lunch on Saturday. In "The Extended Mind, Paul delves into the research behind this exciting new vision of human ability, exploring the findings of neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, and psychologists. She excavates the secret history of how artists, scientists, and authors have employed mental extensions to solve problems, make discoveries, and create new works. And she explains how readers can incorporate outside-the-brain thinking into their everyday lives. In the tradition of Howard Gardner’s Frames of Mind or Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, The Extended Mind offers a dramatic new view of how our minds work, full of practical advice on how to think better" (

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